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Up until now, I have only reported events at the Fundyview Community Hall that have been sponsored by the Hall's Harbour Fundyview Community Society itself.

In addition, the hall is also available to be rented by any interested individual or group and recently was the location for the Annual General Meeting of a recreational group from the Halifax/Dartmouth area,  who had an outing and then a catered lunch at the hall as well along with their annual meeting. 

Earlier this spring it was also the site of a large fundraiser for a local resident who is recovering from some serious health issues. A well attended and very successful event for which the Society donated the use of the premises.

The shot above gives an overview from about midway down the hall, looking toward the stage - which is large enough for a musical group and is equipped with the hall's own sound system. As you can see, the stacking chairs are upholstered and have a reasonable amount of padding so that several hours sitting in them doesn't leave you wishing you hadn't. The setting for a performance is intimate, the sight lines are good and the acoustics excellent.

A view of the map of Kings County shows that Hall's Harbour is not far at all from the 101 Highway corridor, and is only a 15 minute drive north on #359 from the Cornwallis Inn in Kentville.

So....... If you want to host a wonderful party or gathering to celebrate a major event in your family's life, but know your house will never be large enough......

and you're thinking of an idyllic, scenic and uncrowded spot...........

But you're afraid you can't hold it outdoors in case the weather turns ugly.........

and your family and friends have all told you they'll be there no matter where you hold it, even if they have to come in a skiff......

And you've lined up a welcoming committee to plan and organize things..............
then listen up - the details are below!!! {the vintage postcards used above are from the late 1800's, early 1900's but are recognizable as  Hall's Harbour: nothing much has changed around here - the weather is always chancy, the views are spectacular and the people very welcoming}

~ PARKING: A large, unpaved lot which can offer - if requested - supervised parking, otherwise you might like to appoint one of your associates to this task

~ ENTRANCE: Barrier free access by the same main entrance used by other guests

~ INTERIOR: Limit for seated guests: around 130 - more (up to 160) if it is a function where people mingle and come and go.
                        Ambience: pleasantly decorated and with comfortable seating and heating is available should the weather require it. We have a sound system too

~ AMENITIES: Two barrier-free washrooms
                           A large 'function hall' kitchen equipped with two double sinks, a brand new electric stove, an inspected restaurant style propane gas stove, fridge; and all pots and pans, tools and classic, attractive white china dishware with stainless cutlery, glassware, serving pieces and carafes
                         Two 'pass-through' service areas, one of which (by virtue of being backed by an enclosed room) is ideal as a controlled access liquor service - pay as you go bar - should you wish to arrange your own liquoue license
                       Your choice of a combination of lighting features, including spots which can illuminate the stage, and flourescent and incandescent fixtures
                      The hall is at all times maintained in a clean and fresh condition with ample cleaning and paper supplies on hand

You name it and the hall has probably hosted it!
In general, birthday, anniversaries, family reunions, concerts, open mike sessions, bingo, dances, showers, wedding ceremonies and receptions, workshops, plays, art exhibits, craft shows, sales, ticket auctions fundraisers, trade shows, conferences and card parties. One summer the hall even hosted a day camp for kids!
BTW, if you have someone who is handy at setting up a dialup connection and someone in your group who will loan their roaming access, we have a phone and thus can with a bit of effort access the internet. At the moment we have not had call for a hi-speed connection but this might be a possibility in the future.

CLEANUP: after use the hall should be returned to the state in which it was found. Especially, all garbage must be removed and the kitchen and dishware returned to a clean and tidy state. Should you wish to leave clean up to the Fundyview Comunnity Society, you may pay a fee of $100 in addition to rental to avoid the after-function clean up, which can be a hassle if you have far to drive to get home.

We'd love to have you host an event at our hall! If you're interested, contact 


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